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nexen nexen Rail brakes

Nexen’s linear motion control products deliver pinpoint precision and high-performance with no backlash. They’re designed for exceptional reliability, little maintenance and long life. You get precisely what youneed with this innovative line:

NEW >> Profile Rail Brake, Generation II - Fits 25 mm Profile Guide Rails

Nexen Profile Rail Brake, Generation II - Fits 25 mm Profile Guide RailsNexen’s RB Series of linear profile guide rail brakes uses spring force to secure the load in holding applications. Superior response time and high force for stopping and holding in e-stop and power-off situations. Each RB brake clamps directly onto the center of the guide rail to provide positive braking and holding in all axes. These profile rail brakes hold position accurately by eliminating drive train backlash and elasticity.

Nexen’s RB Series is engineered for dependable performance. With a revolutionary set of patent pending features, the RB Series provides an industry leading braking solution for linear profile guide rails. If personnel safety is required, an unrelated, redundant safety system is recommended.

Highest air released holding force on the market

Nexen Profile Electric Rail BrakeProfile Electric Rail Brake

(Patent Pending) Nexen’s Electric Rail Brake (RBE) provides a new level of performance and reliability for electric braking on profile rails with fast response times, low backlash and on-board controller logic.

Nexen’s mechatronic technology combines the latest electronic and mechanical components, providing the best combination of features available in electric rail brakes today.

The RBE was designed to ensure maximum power density, robustness and efficiency. An on-board microcontroller receives and sends the engage/disengage signals to the drive components. This same system provides digital feedback of engagement.

Nexen Rail Brake Cutaway


Profile Rail Brake — RBR Series Fits 20, 25 and 35 mm Profile Guide Rails

Nexen Profile Rail BrakeNexen’s RBR-series of Rail Brakes is a cost-effective solution for holding loads on guide rail systems. The spring-engaged, air-released brake is ideal for power-off applications, and clamps directly onto the center of the guide rail to provide positive holding in all axes. The unique design uses a horizontal air/spring chamber to apply force on the rail through a wedge and roller mechanism, providing low backlash and accurate positioning.

The RBR is engineered for dependable performance, easy setup and low maintenance.

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