EAF Cable Cover

Product Type: Thermal Insulation

Specifically designed to protect water cooled power cables on Electric Arc Furnaces.

Guard Against Cable Failures

Insulflex EAF Cable Covers can withstand the heat, abrasion, impacts, flame and molten metal splash normally encountered in AC and DC EAF operations. Even splashes encountered during wet charges are repelled, allowing for continued operation of the EAF without unexpected cable failures.

Simple Hook-And-Loop Installation

Using our 96 oz Pyroblanket™ as a base fabric, a custom fitted sleeve is fabricated with a Nomex® high-temperature resistant hook and loop closure system to enable installation without disconnecting the water cooled cables.

Custom Fabricated To Your Requirements

Insulflex EAF Cable Covers are custom fabricated in the diameter and length that fit your specific cable protection needs. It can also be supplied with sectional inserts in critical areas to offer extra heat and/or molten splash protection.

Excellent Heat And Splash Resistance

The ultra thick coating of specially compounded silicone rubber sheds molten splash almost instantaneously, before any heat transfer can occur. When exposed to high temperatures or molten splash for extended periods, the silicone rubber transforms into a silica refractory crust.

Quick Facts

  • Continuous operating temp: 500°F (260°C)
  • Max short term exposure: 3000°F (1650°C)
  • Molten splash resistance: Outstanding
  • Weld spatter resistance: Outstanding
  • Flame resistance: Outstanding
  • Abrasion resistance: Outstanding
  • Flexibility: Very good
  • Water and oil resistance: Very good