Odourless End Dip™

Product Type: Thermal Insulation
Odourless End Dip™

Odourless non-toxic curing agent sets up in under 10 minutes and cures completely in 3-6 hours at typical room temperature.

Designed to coat Pyrojacket® and Pyroblanket™ ends

Newly developed Odourless End Dip™ is designed to coat Pyrojacket® and Pyroblanket™ at the ends.

This special formulation of liquid silicone rubber prevents fraying and the absorption of flammable oils or other contaminants into exposed glass fibers.

Ventilation Not Required

Unique liquid silicone rubber formulation utilises a non-toxic, odour free curing agent, eliminating the need for costly ventilation systems during the curing process.

Odourless End Dip™ – Quick Facts

Continuous operating temp: 500°F (260°C)
Max short term exposure: 2000°F (1093°C)
Flame resistance: Good
Abrasion resistance: Good
Flexibility: Outstanding
Water and oil resistance: Outstanding
Elasticity: Outstanding
Adhesion: Outstanding