Steam And Hot Oil Rotating Unions

Product Type: Rotating Unions

N Series Steam and Hot Oil Rotating Unions

Deublin N Series Steam and Hot Oil Rotating Unions
  • monoflow design N10
  • monoflow design and duoflow design: N12
  • self-supported rotating union
  • large carbon graphite bearing
  • pressurised spherical carbon graphite seal
  • cast iron housing
  • stainless steel roto

9000 Series Steam and Hot Oil Rotating Union

Deublin 9000 Series Steam and Hot Oil Union
  • self-supported rotating union
  • spherical seal; lapped Carbon Graphite Rings
  • seal wear indicator allows preventive maintenance
  • 2 torque lugs on the housing
  • nickel-plated cast iron housing
  • steel rotor, nickel-plated for steam service

HPS Series Corrugator Applications

Deublin HPS Series Corrugator Applications
  • monoflow and duoflow design
  • self-supported rotating union
  • seals and bearings made of special Carbon Graphite
  • convex seal ring better suited to handle mechanical and thermal shock
  • external mechanism to adjust siphon pipe through end cap
  • nickel-plated front and rear end cap
  • nickel-plated ductile iron housing
  • stainless steel spring
  • heavy duty steel rotor design
  • dual bearings for extended service life