Rotary Unions for Multiple Media

To Handle Various Combinations of Liquids and Gases

Rotary Unions for Multiple Media

Low Speed Multi-Media Unions

Whether your application needs one or four passages, Deublin has a wide variety of multimedia rotary unions. Increase your profitability and reduce your downtime with Deublin’s robust multi-passage rotating unions. Select a union from Deublin’s standard line, or work with a team of experts to create your custom solution. 

1379 Series

For applications such as clamping and unclamping, workpiece, or spindle cooling, Deublin’s 4-passage rotary union can handle various types of media without cross-contamination. The multi-channel rotating union features widely spaced ball bearings for a longer union life by tolerating side loading.

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Coil Winding

Deublin will customize the size and number of channels to your requirements.

High-Speed Multi-Media Unions

Conveying multiple types of media through independent passages can become complicated. Deublin’s multi-media rotating unions are designed to isolate each type of media to prevent mixing. Deublin has the solution to ensure minimal wear and downtime.

2620 Series

When transferring two types of media, Deublin’s multi passage 2620 contains two independent passages with balanced mechanical seals. The seal design allows for maximum operation and an increased life span. The two passage rotary union is recommended for applications such as machine tool spindles, diaphragm chucks, or clamping and unclamping.

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2630 Series

The multi passage rotary union contains 3 independent passages for different types of media, including coolant and dry air. Balanced mechanical seals are integrated with AutoSense® technology to withstand high speeds and pressures. The 2630 is a powerful solution for rotary index table applications.

2650 Series

Deublin’s multi-media machine tool rotating union features 5-independent passages with balanced mechanical seals. The seals withstand high speeds and high pressures for a longer, maintenance-free life.

2606 Series

Data-driven rotary tables require multi passages to transfer different media for applications like air cleaning, spindle cleaning, and more. To handle 1000+ rpm and various media, 2606 features balanced mechanical seals with closed seal technology to eliminate cross-contamination and increase the union’s life.

2608 Series

Rotary index table applications implement Deublin’s high-speed rotary union with eight passages. The 8 passage union can handle up to three different types of media; cooling oil, hydraulic oil, and air. Get the best solution from Deublin for your workpiece, spindle cooling, or air cleaning.