Plane & Self-Aligning Swivels

Product Type: Swivels

Founded in 1908, Barco developed swivels and ball joints for the railroad industry. Over the years, Barco developed and manufactured hundreds of rotating unions, plane and self-aligning swivel joints.

Barco was recognized as the pioneer and leader in the development and manufacturer of spring-loaded, single-seat Self-Aligning Swivel Joints.

These unique products handle 360̊ rotating and 10̊ angular movement between machinery and pipe work.

Barco Plane Swivel Joints provide 360̊  movement between piping element in on one or more planes for conveying or transferring a wide range of fluids including oil, water, air and gas.

The complete range of Barco Plane & Self-Aligning Swivels are now available under the Deublin brand.