Deublin Rotary Unions for Coolant

For Faster Machining and Higher Productivity

Bearingless Unions

Deublin’s coolant rotary unions offer many capabilities to reduce overall maintenance costs. The bearingless, coolant rotary union is a compact design with a high RPM due to the elimination of the bearings and reducing the overall cost. Deublin’s off-the-shelf rotating unions offer multiple configurations to fit any machining application. 

1117 Series

Deublin’s 1117 bearingless rotary union utilizes closed seal technology for long service life under harsh operating conditions. With bearingless unions, speed can range from 10,000 rpm up to 50,000 rpm.

1121 Series

The bearingless 1121 rotary unions implement Pop-Off® sealing technology to allow dry running even in the absence of media pressure. The short Pop-Off stroke limits coolant leakage when there is a tool change.

1124 Series

The 1124 full-flow design features balanced mechanical seals with patented AutoSense® technology. This technology senses if the media is coolant, MQL, and dry air then responds by changing the seal operation. The bearingless rotating union is available with a threaded rotor only.

1139 Series

The 1139 bearingless, all-media rotary union features Deublin’s patented seal technology: Pop-Off®. Pop-Off seals remain closed when coolant is present, but allow a microscopic gap between the seals when pressure is removed. The non-rotating part of the union has a “stroke” to remain sealed when thermal expansion is caused by the spindle.

1154 Series

The 1154 AutoSense® rotary union automatically adjusts between sealing operations to accommodate different types of media. The long-stroke feature tracks drawbar movement.

1159 Series

CoolControl® technology reduces coolant leaks when there is a tool change. An air pilot is used to keep seals closed at the time of an axial draw bar movement. 1159 also contains AutoSense seal technology to adjust seals based on the media type reducing seal wear and maintenance.

Bore-Mounted Unions

Spindles with machined counter bores require a bore-mounted rotary union. The bore-mounted union features a channel that guides leakage through a drain line to prevent the spindle from flooding. 

1109 Series

Deublin’s Pop-Off® is also available in a bore-mounted design. Pop-Off seal technology can run without media pressure reducing early wear of seals. Pop-Off rotary unions are best in through-spindle coolant applications.

1111 Series

Deublin’s bore mounted rotary unions are designed for long lasting service and ease of installation.


Through-spindle coolant rotary unions deliver media directly to the source to control overheating and increase productivity. The bore-mounted 1114 is easy to install and can handle up to 19mm of axial drawbar movement. Designed with AutoSense technology, the seals adjust based on the type of media.

Rotor-Mounted Unions

Rotor mounted unions attach directly to the machining center by the threaded rotor. The design makes for ease of installation and absorbs the thrust load on the spindle caused by coolant pressure.

1005 Series

Deublin’s bearing-supported, coolant rotary union is a single-piece design for ease of installation and replacement. Deublin offers two mounting styles, rotor and bore, to fit nearly all machining applications.

1101 Series

Deublin’s rotary union for coolant is designed with closed seal technology to reduce seal wear by remaining closed with or without the presence of media. The bearing supported rotary union can absorb the spindles thrust load reducing early wear.

1109 Series

Deublin’s Pop-Off® design allows unlimited dry running without media pressure to prevent early seal wear. Pop-Off rotary unions are best for machining that utilizes through-spindle coolant.

1114 Series

Deublin’s AutoSense® sealing technology automatically senses the type of media and responds by adjusting the seal operation. This response provides higher feed rates and reduces unnecessary downtime. The threaded rotor is available in radial and axial connections with ease of installation.