Rotary Unions for Water

Wide Range of Solutions for Water Applications

General Industry

Deublin’s water rotary unions offer a variety of sizing to adapt to any application.

57 Series

Deublin’s 57 series was designed to handle early wear by providing seal combinations that accommodate severe water conditions for both monoflow and duoflow configurations. The simple design allows for quick and easy replacement of each seal.

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755 Series

Deublin’s 755 series rotary unions are available in monoflow or duoflow configurations. Extended life sealing (E.L.S) is available if filtration is not possible for water. The seal life is extended 2 to 4 times with E.L.S.

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6200-6400 Series

The Deublin 6000 series was designed for easy seal replacement while on the machine. The rotary union can remain on the machine with the hoses to eliminate unnecessary downtime. The 6000 series can operate in high temperature and poor water quality. Monoflow and duoflow configurations are available in 2″ up to 4″.

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F Series

Deublin 5″ water rotating union allows for on-machine seal replacement for ease of repair and reduced downtime.

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High Pressure

From low speed to high-pressure operations, Deublin can handle any unique specification for water or other media

927 Series

The 927 rotary union is an optimal solution for applications requiring high pressure, high speed, and low torque. A “slinger” was designed to direct water away from the bearings and out of the housing.

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AP Series

Deublin’s high pressure and high-speed water rotary union features balanced mechanical seals made with tungsten carbide for smooth rotation and seal wear resistance. The AP series has a capacity up to 1″ and is lubricated for life.

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D Series

Deublin’s D series is designed for very high pressure and to handle angular movement. The materials are suitable for water but can be modified to handle other fluids. It is also utilized in applications like hose winders, as it can last under pressure.

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ZAP Series

ZAP series is big brother to the AP series, with a pressure rating of up to 1100 bar (nearly 16,000 psi). ZAP unions are particularly suitable for parts washers and similar applications.

Low Speed

Deublin water rotating unions can handle many different operating conditions, including low speed. Work closely with Deublin’s team of experts to find the best configuration for your water application.

Type C Bronze

Deublin Type C rotary union features carbon bearings to add strength and shock resistance assuring a long service life and reduced maintenance. The seal wear indicator allows for planned maintenance reducing downtime and increasing productivity for water applications.

Plane Swivel

Deublin’s plane swivel conveys different fluids through its simplified three-piece design. The design allows for ease of installation, repairs, and maintenance.

Self-Aligning Swivel

Available in a variety of sizes, the Deublin self-aligning swivel can handle angular flexibility and articulate piping applications for water. The positive sealing design eliminates hose failures and leaks to decrease maintenance time.

22 Series

The 3/4″ stainless steel rotary union operates in the car wash industry. The monoflow design is made with silicon carbide seals that reduce early wear and downtime.

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Continuous Casting

A critical component of rotary unions is the mechanical seal, a rotating connection that prevents leaking. Deublin rotating unions help reduce downtime and maintenance costs, caused by a leaking union, with advanced sealing technology.

2400 Series

Made of brass and stainless steel, this single passage rotary union is built with balanced mechanical seals to extend the rotating unions life and reduce downtime.

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M60 Series

Also known as a bearingless CCM union. Water is conveyed through the frame of the machine rather than hoses.

2400 Duoflow Series

The duoflow rotary union can be designed with different mounting configurations to best fit your application and reduce leakage.

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D60 Series

Water flows in and out from one side of the machine, requiring a siphon tube for even cooling.

Food and Pharmaceutical

Deublin rotating unions are essential to food and pharmaceutical manufacturing to provide reliable products.

54 Series

Food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries have particular requirements and specifications. Deublin’s 54 rotary unions are made of 316 stainless steel to resist corrosion even in high-temperature environments.

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157 Series

Deublin’s 1/2″ water union is designed to handle any severe water conditions.

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