Product Type: Web Control & Inspection

The broad range of E+L inspection systems covers all the different tasks from pre-print to post-print. 

The three Nyscan products Image: Inspector:2, Web:Inspector:2 and Roll:Scheduler:1 are perfectly harmonised components  for comprehensive quality management during the production process. Uninterrupted quality control from pre-print to post-print increases the efficiency of production.

Technology Sets The Standard

Safety-conscious industries such as the pharmaceutical industry, security printing etc. require integrated process solutions and validable process control. Other branches such as the food, cosmetics and chemical industries catch up with their expectations and require “zero error tolerance” at maximum productivity.

Workflow Management

Pre-Press : The proofing system (Image: Inspector: 2) will make sure that all the elements of the original PDF-file are definitely part of the print.

Press : The 100% print image inspection system (Web: Inspector: 2) will find the defects and eliminate waste.

Post-Press : The 100% print image inspection system (Roll:Scheduler 2) will detect the errors on the rewinder thus making sure that only perfect products are supplied to the customer.

Print image comparison

The reference image taken by the inspection camera is compared with the original customer artwork (PDF or TIFF).

  • no wrong customer artwork on press
  • no faulty or incomplete customer artwork

Print Image Inspection With Grayscale Camera Web:Inspector:2


The print image inspection system records the deviations from the reference image at full production speed.

  • Monochrome line camera with 6144 pixels and a scanning frequency of 25 kHz
  • High-performance PC with a processing speed of 160 Mio pixels

Print Image Inspection With Colour Camera Web:Inspector:2


The print image inspection system registers the deviations to the reference image at full production speed.

  • 3 chip color line camera with each 2048 pixels and a scanning frequency of 18 kHz
  • Highest possible detection sensitivity for color deviations

Defect treatment in post-press with Roll:Scheduler:1

The defects detected during the printing process will be memorised in a data base (roll map) where they can be treated offline regarding their acceptance.