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Expello Drain Valve

Preventing freeze-ups, clogging and corrosion the Expello Air Products Air Dryer system helps prevent brake line freeze-ups, clogging, deterioration and corrosion in an air brake system. It removes oil, carbon, dirt, sludge, and gets the water out!

These air dryers are both a filtering and coalescing system. They remove 100% of solids larger than 1 micron in size and 99.9% of all compressor “blow by” oil. Moisture is also removed by the filter/coalescer. These units provide clean dry air 100% of the time. The Expello Air Dryer’s efficient space age design of unique vacuum formed glass fibers yields the highest C.F.M. flow rate. After-cooler and desiccant dryers would have to increase their unit size and capacity to reach this level of flow. The Stark Air Dryer fits both the governor and unloader models. The basic model fits both governor and unloader controlled air systems making it the most versatile air protection device on the market.

It can be used on virtually any mobile application including off highway construction and mining equipment. The Expello Drain Valve located on the bottom of the unit purges any remaining moisture from the system. You have the option of selecting these air dryers fitted with either the pneumatic or electronic valve as described in our drain valve section above.

  • Vacuum Formed Micro-glass Fiber Filter Technology
  • Highest C.F.M. Flow Rate – 36 C.F.M
  • Most Efficient Oil and Solids Filtration
  • Small Overall Size – 6 by 12 inch unit
  • Low Cost Maintenance – replace filter without  removing unit
  • “Whistle Stop” element change indicator
  • Best Overall Efficiency
  • Full One-Year Warranty