Model 550 Engine Saver®

Product Type: Engine Management

The Model 550 will monitor your engine throughout its full RPM range and alert the operator or shutdown the engine if any temperature or pressure deviates from normal settings based on actual operating conditions.

Proven effective protection where normal monitors fail and highly recommended for up rated or heavy use applications. Cummins supplies the Engine Saver with their new up rated K series – Cummins p/n 3627061.

Installation reduces warranty costs on engine rebuilds and saves money on high maintenance costs as well.

The Engine Saver® monitors a combination of pressure, temperature, and RPM on 8, 12 and 16 cylinder diesel engines. It detects early signs of trouble before damage occurs – long before an attentive operator could detect it on the gauges and without false alarms. Most common faults go undetected until they cause consequential damage or engine destruction.

The Engine Saver® Detects

  • Low and /or loss of coolant
  • De-aeration baffle fatigue
  • Broken/worn rings
  • Hole in a piston
  • Loss of oil
  • Partially blocked oil or water pumps
  • Fuel dilution
  • Overspeed
  • Overheating
  • Clogged breathers
  • Worn pump impellers
  • Worn bearings
  • Governor failure
  • Loose radiator cap
  • Scored cylinder


  • Built-in status panel (optional remote available) gives complete engine operating condition and fault location, even after shutdown.
  • Auxiliary analog outputs for trend analysis and overhaul/maintenance forecasting via radio data link and/or on-board recording.
  • SPDT heavy-duty output relay permits a wide choice of alarm/shutdown options including pre-shutdown warning.
  • Trip points automatically lower when engine is idling or lugged down. All trip and enable points are fully adjustable. Enable time delay changes automatically with engine temperature.
  • Unit will enable on Turbo Boost or RPM (or both) at installer’s option. Choice of 3 RPM sources.
  • All internal adjustments have status indicator and are marked for accurate and easy adjustment.
  • Two custom optional inputs.
  • Failsafe operation with flashing lights showing location
  • Easy to install – complete manual supplied.
  • Weather resistant and tamper proof; unit is lockable.
  • 24V input – transient and reverse polarity protected, suppressors built-in to withstand nearby arc welding.
  • Fully supported with spare parts, repair service and test equipment.

Monitored Engine Operating Levels and Adjustments

Parameter Adjustment Range Factory Setting
Turbo Enable non-adjustable 8 psi
Rpm Enable 300-1800 rpm 500 rpm
Overspeed 1800-3000 rpm 2500 rpm
Crankcase Pressure fixed 8″, 10″ or 15″ 10″h2o
Idle Oil Pressure 5-15 psi modulated 12 psi
Run Oil Pressure 25-50 psi modulated 42 psi
Idle Coolant Pressure 0-9 psi modulated 3 psi
Run Coolant Pressure 5-30 psi modulated 15 psi
Temperature 65-140° C 100° C
Shutdown Delay 1-60 seconds 20 seconds