Founded in 1951, Horton is the world’s leading provider of premium engine-cooling solutions for OEM applications and the aftermarket.

Norman G Clark manufacture Horton fan clutches, fans and fan clutch repair kits under licence in Australia.

With 60 years of industry experience, commitment to service, reliability, innovation and the environment, Horton is a premium provider of engine cooling solutions worldwide.

Horton Fan Clutches

S & HTS Fan Clutches

Made in Melbourne Australia. The hub bearing assembly makes the S & HTS perfect for high run time applications.

DM Advantage On/Off Fan Clutch

DM Advantage On/Off Fan Clutches are spring-engaged and air-disengaged for maximum efficiency. 

DM Advantage Two-Speed Fan Clutch

Horton DM Advantage Two-Speed Fan Clutches (Fan Drives) alternate between eddy current and spring-actuated cooling.

RCV250 Fully Variable Fan Clutch

Lighter with a compact design, Modulator™ RCV250 Fully Variable Fan Clutches are engineered to turn larger fans that require higher torque.

HT650 On/Off Pneumatic Fan Clutch

The HT650 On/Off Pneumatic Fan Clutch engages only when cooling is needed, resulting in reduced horsepower and fuel consumption.

EC450®/EC600™ Fan Clutches

The electromagnetically-engaged series offers no-slip operation for quick response to cooling requirements such as in medium-duty trucks and buses.

Stratis Viscous Fan Clutch

Designed to cool new hotter-running reduced emission engines, can be managed by the engine’s electronic control unit for precision fan speed control.

VMaster Air Sensing Viscous Fan Clutch

Viscous fan drive utilising a bimetal precision sensor which modulates fan speed based on temperature of air through the cooling package.

Klondike Fan Clutches

The Klondike Series line of Fan Clutches allows you to benefit from Horton’s industry leading customer service and quality even if you are running our competitor’s fan clutch in your fleet.

Horton Fans

WindMaster Plastic Standard Fans

Designed specifically to meet the higher performance standards of today’s hotter running engines.

Horton HTEC Fans


HTEC (Horton Thermoset Engineered Composite) fans are an efficient, quiet and extremely durable solution for your cooling needs.

WindShift Modular Fans

WindShift Modular Fans

WindShift™ Modular Fans offer greater flexibility in design and manufacturing for optimal performance plus faster, easier testing and prototyping.

HM1400 Modular Fan

HM1400 Modular Fan

The HM1400 fan utilises the optimised blade design of the HTEC fan family while providing the reduced weight of the proven Horton nylon.

WindMaster Metal Standard Fans

WindMaster Metal Standard Fans

WindMaster Metal Standard Fans are custom designed to meet your precise application requirements

Shogun Modular Fans

Shogun Modular Fans are available in a variety of blade counts and virtually any pilot or bolt circle specification.

RS Nylon Molded Ring Fans

Developed specifically to deliver higher cooling performance at lower fan speeds, WindMaster Plastic Ring Fans also improve fuel economy.

WindMaster Composite Standard Fans

WindMaster Composite Standard Fans feature plastic fan blades attached to metal spiders.

Horton Fan Clutch Repair Kits & Accessories

F3 Series Australian Made Fan Clutch Repair Kits

Australian made F3 series HT/S clutch repair and upgrade kits manufactured and designed for Australian conditions with a new higher temperature bearing for longer life.

S & HT/S Fan Clutch Repair Kits

S & HT/S Fan Clutch Repair Kits

Kits are available to upgrade or repair your fan clutch to its original specifications, utilising the latest technology and featuring genuine Horton parts.

Quick Fit Repair Kits

Quick Fit Repair Kits

The Horton Quick Fit kits have the front FMFD section of the Horton DM, DMA or DMA-2S fan clutch pre-assembled

DM Advantage On/Off Fan Clutch Repair Kits

DM Advantage On/Off Fan Clutch Repair Kits

Norman G Clark offers a range of Horton DM Advantage On/Off Fan Clutch Repair Kits.

DM Advantage Two-Speed Quick Kits

DMA Two-Speed Quick Kits are used to upgrade legacy technology On/Off and Two-Speed Fan Drives to DM Advantage technology.

DM Advantage Two-Speed Fan Clutch Repair Kits

DM Advantage Two-Speed Fan Clutch Repair Kits

Horton DM Advantage fan clutch repair kits make things easier at both the parts counter and in the repair bay.


Developed for the most extreme under-hood applications, the Norman G Clark made Solenoid Valves is the toughest valve on the market.

Horton Videos

Norman G Clark have manufactured, imported and distributed under license to Horton USA since 1963.

Norman G Clark have manufactured all Horton OEM Kenworth Fan Clutches and Paccar Parts Kits in Melbourne Australia since 1980.