HTEC 2500 Series Fans

Product Type: Fans
HTEC 2500 Series Fans

For tough environments where durability and airflow requirements prove challenging, the HTEC is built using industry-changing material technology, this high-strength fan features improved efficiency, with durability in harsh environments.


  • Mining haul trucks
  • Mining excavators
  • Generator sets
  • Fracking units
  • Construction equipment
  • Variety of other off-highway equipment


Diameter65″–95,98″ [1651–2438 mm]
Balde Configuration5 to 15
Pilots and MountingStandard and customisable mounting available, including straight and tapered bores
Weight17 kg [30 lbs.] and up
Max. Tip Speed 112m/sec [22,000 ft/min]

Features & Benefits

  • Increased efficiency versus comparable metal fans for reduced fuel consumption, increased productivity and reduced noise
  • Higher strength-to-weight ratio than nylon, steel or aluminum
  • Higher speed and temperature rating than nylon fans
  • Higher speed rating then comparable metal fans
  • Temperature rating of 150° C +
  • Best-in-class durability
  • Anti-spark and highest available corrosion resistance
  • Customizable fan configuration and mounting to meet specific application requirements