Norman G Clark are the Australian representative of IDB Wickeltechnik.

With the experience and knowledge of nearly 20 years, IDB Wickeltechnik have considerable know-how and advanced competence for all areas in which high quality winding shafts are needed.

IBD Wickeltechnik Products

IDB Wickeltechnik Winding Shafts

Winding Shafts

Pneumo-mechanical precision shaft, Pneumo-mechanical precision shafts, Differential shafts, Adapters

Safety Chucks

Safety chucks in foot and flange version , Sliding chucks – foot version.

Clamping Chucks

Pneumatic clamping chucks, Mechanical clamping chucks, Adapters

Brakes for Machines

Pneumatic Disc Brake, Magnetic powder brakes or Magnetic Powder Clutches.