Winding Shafts

With the experience and knowledge of nearly 20 years, IBD Wickeltechnik have considerable know-how and advanced competence for all areas in which high quality winding shafts are needed.

They form the solid base for particularly high stress demands. In this way, IBD Wickeltechnik fulfi ls the most stringent demands for quality and technology as well as offering a comprehensive range of accessories at the same time.

Lightweight Aluminium Winding Shafts

Due to its low dead weight, the aluminium profile clamping shaft is particularly popular in applications where there is frequent replacement of rolls.

It is ideally suited for standard sleeves (Ø 70-200mm) and medium load. Its low purchase price is another big advantage.


High-Power Clamping Shafts

This clamping shaft is a very sturdy shaft and suitable for high loads. Due to their special design, many special customer solutions can be implemented with it.

Support tube material, clamping elements or the features of the journals can be customised for each application according to customer requirements.

Standard Aluminium Clamping Shafts

To meet the requirements of our customers for better delivery times and lower prices, we now have a series of IBD standard clamping shafts ready.

The IBD standard series is always available from stock and can thus be delivered within 2 weeks. In addition, it is offered with a significant discount on our list price.

Pneumo-mechanical precision shaft

With this precision shaft we achieve a concentricity of 0.1 mm at the tensioned sleeve. Despite its precision, this shaft has a very rugged design and is suitable for large loads.

This shaft can be equipped with various highquality pressure pieces and supplied, if needed, with a measuring scale and stop ring. Pneumo-mechanical clamping shafts from IBD Wickeltechnik are among the highest quality products in the industry and are rarely surpassed in accuracy.

Winding Shaft Accessories

Filling Pistol With Manometer and Equipment

Spare Parts for Clamping Shaft

Spare Parts for High-Power Clamping Shaft

Filing Valves