One-Pot Mix™ – Protecting Law Enforcement

Product Type: Absorption Products

Protecting Law Enforcement

Each year over 10,000 recoveries of methamphetamine & methamphetamine production tools take place across the the USA. Each time law enforcement must interact with the methamphetamine producers there are safety risks associated (toxic substances, fire, explosion). Imbiber Beads® One-Pot Mix™ addresses these dangers, mitigating risks to the enforcement officers and the surrounding community.

Imbiber One Pot Mix

One-Pot Mix™ Superior Advantages

  • Specially formulated One Pot Mix™ significantly reduces concentrations of vapour in the air (up to 600%), in many cases to below LEL minimising risk of inhalation of toxic fumes fire or explosion.
  • Completely captures & contains liquid phase of spill removing the risk of secondary contamination to personnel and/or environment. Captured liquid cannot be re-released by any means.
Product Number IMBWA252504-B
Net Weight 4.5kgs/container