ACX-10 – Air Conditioning Life Extender

ACX-10 Maintains Your Cool

  • Prevents rapid cycling under improper pressure conditions.
  • Extends life of clutch, compressor, and hoses.
  • Prevents premature damage to clutch coil and plates.
  • Reduces stress on starter motor and batteries.
  • Installs quickly and easily with a few simple connections.
  • Provides rapid payback in maintenance cost savings.

Detection and Protection System

The ACX-10 detects rapid cycling before you even notice that your air conditioning isn’t working properly. As your A/C system charge levels drop, clutch cycles increase. The ACX-10 limits A/C clutch cycles to four engagements per minute, reducing system wear and tear.

Pressure Protection

Improper system pressure can lead to rapid cycling. The ACX-10 limits system cycles to four engagements per minute, eliminating heat build-up.

Voltage Protection

Over-voltage causes excessive current and heating the clutch coil, which shortens its life. Worse yet, under-voltage can cause the clutch to slip and burn out. The ACX-10 detects poor voltage conditions, and disengages the A/C clutch until the voltage returns to the normal, safe operating range.

Bonus: Starter Motor Protection

If the A/C is on during the vehicle’s ignition cycle, the starter motor has to crank the compressor as well as the engine. The ACX-10 unburdens the starter motor and extends its life by delaying the A/C clutch engagement until 15 seconds after ignition.

ACX10 Diagrm

ACX10 Diagrm