Universal Temperature Switch

Product Type: Switches

Not Just a Switch, A Temperature Intelligence Centre

  • Two independently specifiable outputs.
  • Specialized outputs: Switching, timed, linear, blinking, and others.
  • Custom-tailored specs, economical for any volume level.
  • High accuracy and very fast response for precise system control.
  • Exceptional vibration resistance.
  • Single sensing point assures proper function integration.Self-protected against short circuits and over-current.
  • Compact, low profile for tight spaces and small ports.
  • Cost-effective replacement of two devices.

A New Standard in Flexible, Customized Temperature Control

Industrial equipment and vehicles are getting smarter each day to meet customers’ increasing expectations. Index’s Universal Temperature Switch provides new options for easily adding more intelligence and functionality to your equipment’s controlsystem. It’s far more than a simple on-off switch. The Universal Temperature Switch’s two functions can be custom-programmed to your system’s specific needs.

New Possibilities for Combination Outputs

Whether you need on-off switching, or a more specialized output, the Universal Temperature Switch offers remarkable specifying flexibility. Example applications:

Two independent switch temperature settings close together or far apart, with similar or dissimilar differentials (degrees of hysteresis).

A switch output for control at one temperature, and a blinking output for warning at another.
Time-delayed switching to avoid nuisance responses to normal, transient temperature changes.

Timed switch outputs, which can vary by temperature, e.g. varying the “heater on” time with temperature.

Bottom-line Contributor

The Universal Temp Switch brings a combination of economic benefits, too. Replacing two devices with one saves component, inventory control and installation costs. The Universal Temp Switch’s advanced options provide a “nearly free” way to add functionality— an alternative to expensive traditional programming and development. This product is a boon for low-volume applications, too. Finally, you can get the customized specs you need without paying prohibitive setup, short run, or tooling fees.