Bluecat™ SSI

Nett Technologies - Bluecat™ SSI (Small Spark-Ignition Engines)

Bluecat™ SSI (Small Spark-Ignition Engines)

Using the same California Air Resources Board (CARB) verified technology used on 1000’s of Large Spark-Ignition (LSI) engine installations, Nett Technologies BlueCAT™ SSI was developed for use on Small Spark-Ignition (SSI) engines. Great at reducing harmful emissions, the BlueCAT™ SSI system is ideal for use in household and commercial applications, including generators, lawn and garden equipment, utility vehicles and variety of other construction, farm, and industrial equipment.

  • BlueCAT™ Small Spark Ignition (SSI) engine emission control system utilizes the same technology which has been verified and proven by California Air Resources Board (CARB) in 1000’s of installations on Large Spark Ignition (LSI) engines
  • Ideal for LPG, CNG and petrol engines used in small off-road engine applications
  • The BlueCAT™ SSI is compatible with an A/F controller (optional) to maximize the emission reduction in gaseous fueled engines
  • The BlueCAT™ SSI catalytic mufflers match or surpass the noise attenuation performance of original muffler
  • Customized designs are available upon request