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Nexen Group Inc., is a leading manufacturer of brakes, clutches, torque limiters, overload protection devices and tension control systems for a variety of industrial applications in the packaging, machine tool, materials handling, automotive and textile industries.

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Functional Safety Certified Rail Brakes, Servomotor Brakes, Rod Locks,

Linear Positioning

Rack & Roller Pinion Systems. Long Travel, High Speed & Accuracy with Zero Backlash

Rotary Positioning

Gears & Gear Segments, Zero Backlash Geared Bearings, Compact Packaged Rotary Indexers, Heavy Load Indexers.

Stopping & Holding

Servo Brakes, Ball Screw Brakes, Guide Rail Brakes, Rod Locks.

Engaging & Disengaging A Load

Engaging & Disengaging A Load

Tooth Clutches, Friction Clutches, Clutch/Brake Combinations

Stopping & Holding A Load During Machine Operation

Air Engaged Friction Brakes, Caliper Brakes, Spring Engaged Friction Brakes

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Nexen Catalogue