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Friction Brakes

Low inertia, high thermal dissipation and self-adjusting facings make Nexen’s Friction Brakes ideal for many applications.

Choose between Straight or Tapered Bore units in a wide range of operational specifications. Each model comes in a Standard Bore size, and is customizable through bushings. 

Rotary Brakes

Rotary Brakes have a hub/shaft and integral friction disc, and facing for ease of installation are available with either spring or air engagement and shaft, flange, or foot mounting styles.

Nexen has been producing industrial clutches, brakes, and web tension control products for over 50 years and remains the leader in pneumatic power transmission components worldwide. Millions of people see, touch or use items produced with equipment that requires one or more Nexen products daily.

Customers span every industry – from multinational corporations to small businesses – and range from design engineers to plant maintenance personnel. Regardless of industry or profession, the reason for using Nexen products remains the same: they are simple, durable, high-quality products our customers can trust.


Nexen’s Rotary Brakes are easy to install and are integral in applications that need:

  • Accurate positioning
  • Controlled deceleration
  • Cycling/Indexing
  • Stopping/Holding
  • Unwind tension control

Drum Brakes

Nexen has a large selection of drum brakes to fit a variety of applications.

Drum brakes are actuated with a diaphragm-sealed actuator that forces a brake shoe on a drum surface to provide the braking torque. Brake drums are bored and keyed to fit standard shafts. 

The brake shoes are clamped on the outside of the drum to provide brake torque up to 3750 in-lbs. Hinge top models offer a convenient feature to change rolls when the brake is used in tension control applications.

Drum Brakes address these functions:

  • Controlled Deceleration
  • Tension Control
  • Stopping/Holding


Nexen’s Drum Brakes are ideal for applications that require:

  • High Torque
  • Tension Control
  • Stopping/Holding
  • Continuous Braking

Caliper Brakes

Nexen’s caliper brakes are ideal for holding, e-stop, power-off situations, and controlled deceleration situations. 

Several disc diameters up to 24-inches are offered to provide torque up to 50,000 in-lbs. Multiple calipers are used on a single disc to increase torque. These brakes can accommodate a variety of disc thicknesses. Caliper brakes are used in controlled deceleration, cyclic stopping, holding, emergency stops and tension control applications.

  • Air-engaged / Spring-released units
  • Spring-engaged / Air-released units
  • Large selection of disc diameters 
  • Adjustable caliper spacing for various disc widths
  • Detent pins for quick-facing shoe removal
  • Simple design, easy to maintain


Nexen’s Caliper Brakes are ideal for applications that require:

  • Controlled Deceleration
  • Cycling/Indexing
  • Positioning
  • Stopping/Holding
  • Tension Control
  • Counterweighted elevators
  • E-stop

Power Transmission 

Nexen offers a versatile line of power transmission products, including clutches, brakes, torque limiters, and couplings. Nexen’s well-engineered units seamlessly interface with industry-standard components for optimal performance. Trust Nexen for durable and reliable solutions that meet the highest standards.


The Nexen Roller Pinion System (RPS) transforms motion control with improved accuracy and efficiency, outperforming traditional rack and pinion systems.

Friction Brakes

Unlock Precision and Reliability with Nexen’s Precision Linear Motion Technology

Friction Clutch-Brakes

Convenient clutch and brake packages for start-stop applications. Mountable on NEMA and IEC motor frames, these combinations operate using static air pressure.

Torque Limiters

Using a Nexen Mechanical Torque Limiter isolates the driving from the driven elements within a matter of milliseconds. 

Tension Control

Tension Control

Nexen’s Tension Controller line offers closed-loop, load cell-based tension control for paper, film, foil, or fabric in web processing machines.