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Friction Clutch-Brakes

Conveniently packaged clutches and brakes for start and stop applications. Clutch-brake combinations have mounting features that make them adaptable to NEMA and IEC motor frames and operate on static air pressure.

Shaft Mounted Clutch-Brakes

Hollow bore, shaft mounted clutch-brakes combine the features of a friction clutch and friction brake into a single unit.

Available with a pilot surface to mount sprockets or sheaves or with various integral sheaves. Available with a single piston that eliminates simultaneous clutch and brake engagement for transmitting motor torque up to 20 horsepower. Couplings are available for inline shaft applications.

ISO B5 Flange Clutch-Brakes

Available with air-engaged clutches and air or spring-engaged brakes. Can be ordered in open housing for the highest thermal performance or enclosed with black oxide, painted, nickel-plated, or nickel-plated BISSC (food grade) versions for challenging environments. Can be directly mounted to IEC B5 C-faced motors and/or reducers or free-standing foot mount with optional input units and feet. Other options include a locking key and an integral valve. Single-piston designs allow very high cycle rates with no chance of clutch-brake overlap problems.

Foot Mount Oil Bath Clutch-Brakes

Foot Mount Oil Bath Clutch-Brakes are designed for the most demanding applications. Oil carries heat away from the friction interface and extends life. Select models allow for an external cooling system to be added to increase thermal performance dramatically.


Nexen’s Friction Clutch-Brakes are ideal for applications that require:

  • Accurate Positioning
  • Controlled Acceleration
  • Controlled Deceleration
  • Cycling/Positioning
  • Disconnect
  • Inching/Jogging
  • Stopping/Holding
  • Tension Control
  • High inertia start/stop

Power Transmission 

Nexen offers a versatile line of power transmission products, including clutches, brakes, torque limiters, and couplings. Nexen’s well-engineered units seamlessly interface with industry-standard components for optimal performance. Trust Nexen for durable and reliable solutions that meet the highest standards.


The Nexen Roller Pinion System (RPS) transforms motion control with improved accuracy and efficiency, outperforming traditional rack and pinion systems.

Friction Brakes

Unlock Precision and Reliability with Nexen’s Precision Linear Motion Technology

Friction Clutch-Brakes

Convenient clutch and brake packages for start-stop applications. Mountable on NEMA and IEC motor frames, these combinations operate using static air pressure.

Torque Limiters

Using a Nexen Mechanical Torque Limiter isolates the driving from the driven elements within a matter of milliseconds. 

Tension Control

Tension Control

Nexen’s Tension Controller line offers closed-loop, load cell-based tension control for paper, film, foil, or fabric in web processing machines.

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