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Nexen Linear Positioning

Precise, High Speed, Zero-Backlash. Superior Positional Accuracy & Repeatability

Nexen’s Precision Linear Motion technology is a combination of very high precision linear drive systems, compact harmonic gearheads, and high force brakes located at the drive motor or the linear guide system.

Rack & Roller Pinion System

The Nexen Roller Pinion System (RPS) revolutionises linear and rotary motion control possibilities.

The RPS overcomes the troublesome
limitations of conventional drive systems and offers unmatched performance. Across industries as
varied as laser cutting and mining, users will benefit from the accuracy and 99% efficiency of this new

Product Highlights

  • Accuracy of  30μm [ .001 in]
  • Rated Life of up to 60 million pinion revolutions
  • Speeds of up to 11 m/s [36 ft/s]
  • Zero backlash, No cumulative error
  • Long travel no limit to length
  • Quiet operation and 99% efficient
  • Low maintenance
  • Pinions mount to ISO gearbox flanges or smooth output shafts

Typical Applications

  • Alternative to ball screws and rack & pinion
  • Cartesian robots
  • Dirty & corrosive environments
  • Custom drilling & angular cutting machines
  • Food Processing
  • Gantry Router
  • Non-destructive Testing
  • Medical Imaging
  • Measurement systems
  • Multi-head on a common axis
  • Stainless steel requirements
  • Plasma & laser cutting
  • Vacuum environments
  • Welding and Woodworking

Nexen’s modular RPS Roller Pinion System satisfies the design, providing ±30μm positional accuracy and 5μm repeatability. The sealed and lubricated rollers move smoothly along the profile, resulting in zero backlash and 99% efficient rotary-to-linear-motion conversion. The tooth profile is lubricated with a high-performance light grease at installation and then every six months or 2 million pinion revolutions.

Long Travel, High Speed & Accuracy with Zero Backlash

Lumco Manufacturing built a custom drilling and annular cutting machine used to make aluminum parts. The machine’s transversing drillhead travels 16 feet at speeds of up to 2 f/s with multiple drill and cut stations to produce parts from aluminum sheet stock from up to 14 feet and longer.

The biggest design challenge was finding a linear motion system that met two critical criteria: being easily integrated with the machine with sufficient power to move the drillhead through large amounts of aluminum chip debris. Traditional linear motion systems including ballscrews, belt drive actuators, and standard rack-and-pinion system all failed to meet the travel, precision and/or durability requirements.

The solution came with Nexen RPS roller pinion system with speed capability of 36 f/s and accuracy to within 0.00118 inch. Unlike a traditional rack and pinion system, the RPS features a pinion consisting of 10-12 needle-bearing supported rollers that engage a rack tooth profile.

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Engaging & Disengaging A Load

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