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Precision Brakes

Nexen’s Precision Brakes provide simple mounting procedures that permit both vertical and horizontal holding for installation on the non-driven end of ball screw stages.

This simple and secure installation reduces the risks associated with motor shaft/coupling failure while delivering Zero Backlash. 

Ball Screw Brakes

Nexen’s Ball Screw Brake is a high-torque, spring-engaged brake acting on the machined end of a ball screw. It serves as a primary or redundant safety brake to prevent back driving if a power loss or mechanical defect occurs in the driveline.

The low backlash and coupling combination provides a high degree of accuracy for holding the ball screw position. An expanding shaft/clamping hub coupling connects the brake shaft to the end of the ball screw. The required coupling comes with an elastomer insert with high torsional stiffness.

Nexen offers an off-the-shelf braking solution for any ball screw application. These spring-engaged, air-released brakes eliminate the performance problems associated with electrical brakes for consistent, long-lasting performance.

Ball Screw Brakes provide reliable holding in a compact package
During a power loss, the motor has no holding torque allowing the ball screw to back drive and the load to drop. Ball screw brakes connect to the machined end of the ball screw to prevent back driving, load drops, and equipment damage during a power loss. Holding force up to 125 Nm (1100 in-lbs.)


Nexen’s Ball Screw Brake Features

  • Low backlash for precision holding
  • Spring engaged, air released
  • Low inertia
  • High torsional rigidity
  • Bi-directional braking
  • Fast engagement
  • Meets IP67 dust and waterproof standards
  • Operates in vertical and horizontal applications
  • Allows for thermal expansion of ball screw


  • Medical equipment
  • Robotics
  • Material handling systems
  • Custom lifts
  • Work platforms
  • Dust and waterproof conditions that need IP67
  • Machining centers

Shaft Brakes

Nexen’s ZSE Zero-Backlash Shaft Brakes are available in a wide variety of sizes for any industry. Nexen offers an off-the-shelf, zero-backlash braking solution for shaft-holding applications.

These spring-engaged, air-released brakes offer outstanding holding for consistent, long-lasting performance.

  • Low Inertia 
  • Open Through Bore
  • Cool Operation
  • Smooth Torque Transmission
  • True Zero Backlash Holding
  • Zero Backlash Coupling
  • Compact Housing

Nexen’s Smart ZSE Brakes (ZSES) are available with Industry 4.0 compatible smart internal sensors. These sensors provide data to maximize machine efficiency and safety.

  • Disengagement Verification
  • Internal Temperature Sensor


  • Assembly/inspection tables
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Consumer goods
  • E-stop safety, power-off holding
  • Trunnion Tables

Rotary Motion Control

Experience the pinnacle of precision and reliability with Nexen’s Precision Rotary Motion technology, Nexen delivers highly precise rotary drive systems, powerful rotary brakes, and mechanical torque limiters, resulting in an impeccable performance with zero backlash.

Rotary Indexers

Enhance Precision and Efficiency with Nexen’s Patented Rotary Indexer Systems

Roller Pinion Gears

Roller Pinion Gears

Experience Zero Backlash with Nexen’s Precision Rotary Motion Technology

Precision Brakes

Achieve Secure and Backlash-Free Installation with Nexen’s Precision Brakes

Nexen Gearheads


Revolutionize Your Design with Nexen’s Compact and Precise Harmonic Gearhead

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