Rod Locks

Product Type: Rod Locks

Nexen’s Static Rod Locks deliver precision holding with virtually no backlash, providing high accuracy in demanding applications.

These spring-engaged, air-released units come in both ISO and NFPA sizes. The Rod Lock’s large clamping surface ensures high clamping/holding force and Nexen offers models for use on a pneumatic cylinder or as a stand-alone unit on a guide rod. The design is sealed and features a natural brushed aluminium finish or a corrosion-resistant, anodised finish.

Application Examples

  • Machine Tools
  • Hydraulic Presses
  • Scissor-Lift Tables
  • Positioning Equipment
  • Amusement Ride Equipment
  • Printing & Paper Handling Equipment
  • Theatrical Equipment (Platforms)
  • Injection Moulding Machines
  • Automation Equipment
  • Elevators And Lifts
  • Mining Applications

RLSS Series Features/Benefits

Precision Operation Maintains Accurate Positioning

The RLSS series of Rod Locks guarantees accurate positioning and provides precision holding while other operations are performed. The Rod Lock engages without causing any rod displacement, and also features extremely low backlash making them ideal for precision applications.

Large Clamping Surface Ensures Consistent Performance

The RLSS line is designed with a large clamping surface that provides uniform force to the rod contact area on every engagement. The clamping mechanism utilizes numerous ball bearings to reduce friction.

Spring-Engaged Units Engage In Power-Off Situations

Nexen’s Rod Locks are spring-engaged, so they operate even in power-off situations to promote safety for operators and machinery. Multiple springs ensure reliable performance and redundancy. The fast response time of these spring engaged products also increases positioning accuracy. Nexen’s Rod Locks also feature locking mode sensing capability that allows engagement/disengagement feedback with the use of an optional inductive sensor.

Sealed To Withstand Harsh Environments

Every RLSS Rod Lock is sealed to protect internal components. These seals are designed to withstand even harsh wash-down environments and are IP67 rated (anodized models exceed NEMA 4X rating). Rod Locks are available in natural brushed aluminum or with a black anodized coating.

Manual Release

The cam operated manual release feature mechanically disengages the rod lock with the simple turn of a hex screw using a standard wrench. The default-to-lock function springs back to the engaged position when released.