Roller Pinion System

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Nexen Roller Pinion System

The Nexen Roller Pinion System (RPS) revolutionises linear and rotary motion control possibilities. Giving a fresh face to traditional rack and pinion systems, the RPS overcomes the troublesome limitations of conventional drive systems and offers unmatched performance. Across industries as varied as laser cutting and mining, users will benefit from the accuracy and 99% efficiency of this new technology.

The incredible performance of the RPS starts with a pinion consisting of bearing-supported rollers that engage a unique tooth profile. Two or more rollers engage the teeth in opposition at all times to eliminate backlash. The pinion rollers glide easily along a tangent path and roll smoothly down the tooth face for quiet, low-friction operation.

Nexen Precision Roller Pinion Demo Stand

Constant Positional Accuracy Regardless of the Distance Traveled

Constant Positional Accuracy Regardless of the Distance Traveled

Every aspect of the RPS system is designed for reliable, easy operation. With customisations available to meet the specific needs of any application and multiple material finishes, the RPS system can go anywhere. Even installation is worry-free with a simple alignment tool to ensure positional accuracy over multiple sections of rack.

Overcoming Common Problems Found in Traditional Drive Systems

Nexen Overcoming Common Problems found in Traditional Drive Systems
Nexen RPS Rack Installation
Nexen Roller Pinion System Animation
Preloading Nexen RPS System
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