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Stopping & Holding A Load During Machine Operation

Nexen Air Engaged Friction Brakes

Large format commercial washing machines must stop the spinning drum in the event of an emergency.

The weight of wet clothes and water spinning at high speeds require a brake that has both a large amount of torque and a high heat sink/thermal capacity to stop the washing drum in a safe time frame.


Product Highlights

  • Air-engaged/spring released
  • High heat dissipation and friction work capacity
  • Variable mounting options: horizontal or vertical
  • Self-adjusting for friction facing wea

Typical Applications

  • Accurate positioning
  • Controlled deceleration
  • Cycling/Indexing
  • Stopping/Holding
  • Unwind tension control

Nexen Caliper Brakes

Coiled tubing equipment for land and off-shore applications depend on the ability to dynamically stop as well as have an emergency stop. This is critical for the safety of the operators working around these large and high inertia devices.

Nexen Caliper Brake

Product Highlights

  • Proximity sensor feedback available
  • Quick change of friction material on the brake pads
  • Quick dump air valve for extremely fast response
  • Air-engaged/spring released
  • Spring-engaged/air-released
  • Spring-engaged/hydraulic released

Typical Applications

  • Counter weighted elevators
  • Controlled deceleration
  • Cycling/Indexing
  • Positioning
  • E-stop

Nexen Spring Engaged Friction Brakes

Automotive production operations depend on stopping a rotating load with safe power off operation. Knowing when the brake is engaged or disengaged contributes to overall system success.

NEMA C-faced or IEC B5 flange mounting and totally enclosed (IC65) models can operate in the most
demanding of environments.


Product Highlights

  • Spring-engaged/air released
  • Manual Release Available
  • High dynamic torque/self-cooling design
  • Field Upgrades
  • •Power off Holding

Typical Applications

  • Framing and Stamping E-stop
  • Compression Tension Holding
  • Machine Carriage braking
  • Rotary Torque braking/holding
  • Roll Converting braking

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Stopping & Holding A Load During Machine Operation

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