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Torque Limiters

A torque limiter protects mechanical equipment or its work from damage by mechanical overload. A torque limiter may limit the torque by slipping a friction plate clutch or disconnecting the load entirely.

The action of a torque limiter is useful to limit any damage to the machine or product due to mechanical failures or product jams in the machine and is typically installed on the output side of gear reducers to protect the gear set. 

Pneumatic Torque Limiters

Nexen’s pneumatically engaged, single-position torque limiters are the highest quality and most efficient overload protection devices for industrial machinery on the market today.

Pneumatic Torque Limiters protect equipment by immediately disengaging the machine shaft when excessive torque or a machine jam occurs. Each unit comes with a Turck® Proximity Sensor to detect torque overloads. 

The Advantage of Air
Pneumatic actuation allows remote torque adjustment while the machine is running, eliminating continuous trips to make adjustments.

Mounting Options
Nexen’s bearing-supported pilot Pneumatic Torque Limiters accept numerous mounting configurations, including sprockets, timing belt pulleys, and HTD sprockets. 

Nexen’s single-flex or double-flex couplings match the drive flange pilot surface and bolt circles. These couplings provide high shaft misalignment protection, zero backlash, and excellent torsional rigidity. These couplings connect companion shafts inline and provide misalignment protection for the Torque Limiter drive flange bearings.

Turck Proximity Sensors
The mounting configuration of the Turck Sensor allows full gear reducer shaft insertion into the bore for inline shaft coupling installations, ensuring proper torque transmission and easy mounting. The 24VDC proximity switch is easy to set up and works with PLC controls.

Smart Controllers
Smart Valve Controllers are available that accept feedback from the engagement sensor to control air to one or multiple torque limiters. Controllers are available with optional higher, timed-out start-up torque settings. 

Totally Enclosed Models
Nexen, totally enclosed nickel-plated models, keep contaminants out of critical areas and have all the same features as the standard units. Totally Enclosed Models can be used in wash-down environments and other areas where liquids may be present.


Nexen’s Pneumatic Torque Limiters are designed for applications that require:

  • Disconnecting
  • Overload Protection
  • Positioning
  • Positive Drive
  • Connect/disconnect
  • Controlled acceleration
  • Cycling/indexing
  • Inching/jogging
  • Soft Starts
Pneumatic Torque Limiter

Mechanical Torque Limiters

A mechanical torque limiter, installed between the output of a gear reducer and the driven shaft, protects the gear set if an overload happens on the conveyor system.

The coupling bores are made specific to the gearbox output shaft and main drive shaft. The elastomer transmits torque without backlash or vibration.


  • Accurate positioning
  • Controlled acceleration
  • Controlled deceleration
  • High inertia start/stop
  • Inching/jogging


Nexen’s Mechanical Torque Limiter is ideal for applications that require:

  • Fail-safe mechanical disconnection
  • Low inertia
  • Maximum uptime
  • Overload protection
  • Accurate positioning
  • Zero backlash
  • Fits in compact spaces
  • Controlled acceleration
  • Controlled deceleration
  • High inertia start/stop
  • Inching/jogging
Mechanical Torque Limiters

Power Transmission 

Nexen offers a versatile line of power transmission products, including clutches, brakes, torque limiters, and couplings. Nexen’s well-engineered units seamlessly interface with industry-standard components for optimal performance. Trust Nexen for durable and reliable solutions that meet the highest standards.


The Nexen Roller Pinion System (RPS) transforms motion control with improved accuracy and efficiency, outperforming traditional rack and pinion systems.

Friction Brakes

Unlock Precision and Reliability with Nexen’s Precision Linear Motion Technology

Friction Clutch-Brakes

Convenient clutch and brake packages for start-stop applications. Mountable on NEMA and IEC motor frames, these combinations operate using static air pressure.

Torque Limiters

Using a Nexen Mechanical Torque Limiter isolates the driving from the driven elements within a matter of milliseconds. 

Tension Control

Tension Control

Nexen’s Tension Controller line offers closed-loop, load cell-based tension control for paper, film, foil, or fabric in web processing machines.

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