Housings For Dryfilter Elements Combined System With Dynamic Precleaner

Product Type: Air Pre-Cleaners

This range combines the security of a primary and safety- element with an efficient, dynamic precleaner available in one compact, single-connection package. Oblan Combination Precleaner / Air Filters have a steel housing with static vanes and a corrosion-proof rotor mounted on dual ball bearings over double-welded plate steel. The adjustable mounting band makes installation flexible Oblan Combination Precleaner / Air Filters are powder coated for a durable, corrosion-resistant finish. Airflows range from 18 to1517 CFM (0.5 to 43.0 m3/min).

How They Work

At first stage, air enters the precleaner portion through static vanes, causing the air to spin. As the air spins, centrifugal force separates dust, dirt, insects, rain and snow from the air stream. The swirling air drives a high velocity rotor that acts as a blower, evacuating contaminants through special discharge ports in the side of the assembly. Only purified air flows to the air filter elements (primary and safety stage of filtration). These elements retain the 99,9% of the contaminants which were not eliminated in the first stage. Then clean air flows to the engine through the outlet pipe


Oblan Combination Dynamic Precleaner / Air Filters are specifically designed to be connected to the air intake of the gasoline, diesel or compressed natural gas engines. The advantages of the systems include their compact size and ease of installation. The three-stage air filtration systems are designed with only one connection to the engine. Their applications include agricultural machinery; earth moving, construction and mining equipment; stationary engines; generator sets; trucks; pick-ups; off-road vehicles; material handling equipment; snow removal equipment and street sweepers.


  • Removes up to 90% of impurities (dust, snow, rain, etc.) Before they reach the air filter.
  • Extend engine air filter life up to 10 times.
  • Reduce down time by up to 50%.
  • Low fuel consumption up to 10%