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Ogura engineer’s desire for excellence and a willingness to accept any challenge have led to the creation of an environmentally friendly next-generation supercharger. Its ability to provide high torque at low engine r.p.m. not only provides faster acceleration in a motorized vehicle by eliminating time lag, but also increases fuel efficiency and contributes to the environment by offering cleaner emissions.

A supercharger improves engine performance by pumping extra air to the engine. This increased charge of air results in a more powerful combustion of the engine cylinders, resulting in improved performance. Ogura’s Supercharger is a new-generation supercharger that maintains high efficiency throughout the entire r.p.m. range. Its ability to provide high torque at low engine r.p.m. not only increases acceleration of the vehicle, but also improves fuel efficiency and generates cleaner emissions.

Compared to a turbocharger that must overcome inertia and spin up to speed, the supercharger can yield instant response at low engine r.p.m range. With dramatically improved performance, we are confident that we can win you over if you were to drive a car equipped with our supercharger. Drive the highway and feel the difference. Feel the incredible engine response at low speed and extraordinary power at high speed. You are sure to be impressed by the quick response, swift acceleration, and excellent fuel mileage offered by the Ogura supercharger.

Ogura Supercharger Features

  • High Efficiency. Ogura blowers are far more efficient than ordinary roots blowers because of the expanded seal area available with the new rotor design.
  • Excellent Durability. Ogura ensure superb durability with the special coating.
  • Better Fuel Mileage. Reduced inertia means less resistance, which makes it easier to control a clutch. By turning off the clutch when high torque is not needed further improves the fuel mileage.
  • Optional Dual Charging System with Turbocharger. The improved efficiency at low r.p.m. and easier clutch control made it possible for Ogura to add a dual charging system that combined a turbocharger to Ogura’s supercharger product lines. When the turbocharger is on, the supercharger helps the turbocharger overcome its weaknesses by improving the low speed performance while keeping the turbocharger’s strength at high speed intact.
  • Effective Particle Control. Ogura superchargers can effectively control particles emitted from a diesel engine thanks to its enhanced air handling capacity.

How It Works

The unique rotors are connected to each other via a gear drive and are set 90 degrees from each other. Both rotors turn in opposite directions, which causes the air to be trapped between the large face of the rotor and the housing. For every revolution of each rotor a volume of air (depending upon the supercharger’s size) gets pumped from one side to the other.


Ogura Supercahrger - How It Works

Ogura Supercahrger – How It Works