Idler Rollers

Product Type: Rollers
Idle Rollers

Ralphs-Pugh idler rollers are available in Through Hole, Blind Hole and Grading and Inspection configurations.

Tubing is available in standard or “Hi-Impact” formulation. The “Hi-Impact” material has UV stabilisers and additional impact modifiers. Tube diameters and wall thickness are available for virtually every type of application. All plastic bushings and end-plugs are moulded in our facility assuring the highest quality.

These bushings (standard and heavy duty) are moulded in acetal plastic or our best material – Ultra (Acetal plastic with Teflon additives). UHMW bushings are also available in specific sizes or upon request. Larger diameter tubes utilise an economical ABS plastic end-plug in conjunction with the acetal bushings. All Ralphs-Pugh materials are FDA approved. Stainless steel bushing adapters and cap screws are also available to complete your roller requirements. We pride ourselves on manufacturing to very high standards using the finest materials. Ralphs-Pugh can also manufacture custom rollers to your specifications.

Plastic Idler Rollers

Through Hole (THI)
Blind Hole (BHI)
Grading & Inspection (GIR)


Tube No. Tube O.D. Wall Thickness
W00 0.840 0.107
W10 1.050 0.113
W20 1.310 0.113
W30 1.660 0.140
H41 1.900 0.112
H45/D45 1.900 0.200
H51 2.375 0.125
W55 2.375 0.218
H61 2.875 0.150
W65 2.875 0.276
D75 3.500 0.300
D85 4.500 0.337