Plastic Rollers

Product Type: Rollers
Ralphs-Pugh plastic roller

Ralphs-Pugh plastic rollers are available in a wide range of bearings, tube, and shaft combinations. Plastic rollers are ideal for light duty gravity applications, humid, corrosive or wet environments. Typical applications include; food processing, chemical or acidic environments, battery handling, and package handling. The following information is provided to help match the product with the operating environment.

Roller Information

Commercial GradeBearings & Bushings

Drive options: Grooves
Cover Options: Urethane sleeves
Special Options Steel reinforced PVC rollers
Tube Sizes 0.84″ – 4.5″
Shafts Roller shafts are spring loaded on both ends for easy installation and removal. End deburring is standard.Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel,Stainless Steel,Aluminum,Zinc and Nickel Plating Available
Shaft End Options Hexagonal
Round Threaded
Drilled and Tapped
Milled Flats
Plastic Flat Caps
Urethane Adapters Over Metal Through Shaft

Plated Steel/Metal Housings

These bearings are manufactured utilizing hardened steel balls and raceways. The outer raceway is either stamped or machined and lubricated with light oil. Grease packed bearings may be ordered for driven systems.

Plated Steel/Plastic Housings

Designed for light to moderate loads, the plastic housed bearings have hardened steel balls and stamped or machined inner and outer raceways. They are available with light oil or grease lubricant for driven systems. Plastic housings are available in conductive or non-conductive material with or without labyrinth seals. The labyrinth seal(s) provide protection to the bearing from dust, dirt, and airborne debris.

Stainless Steel/Plastic Housings

Designed for light to moderate loads, stainless steel balls and raceways provide an excellent solution for corrosive operating environments. For maximum protection against contamination, housing may be ordered with a double labyrinth seal system. Other housings are also available.

Precision Grade/ABEC-1

Designed for higher speeds and heavier loads, ABEC-1 precision bearings are available in chromium steel and optional 440, 304 or 316 stainless steel. ABEC-1 ball bearings and raceways are hardened, precision ground, and incorporate a ball retainer to eliminate bearing-to-bearing contact. Bearings are factory lubricated and sealed. Several seal/shield configurations are offered. Standard configuration is the LLB, Non-Contact Rubber Seal. Options include; 2RS Contact Rubber Seal and the ZZ Non-Contact Metal Shield. Bearing housings are available in metal or plastic. Plastic housings are made with conductive materials and available with or without labyrinth seals. Labyrinth seals provide additional bearing protection against dirt, dust, and other airborne contaminates. ABEC-1 bearings provide the highest load and speed capabilities, the lowest noise levels, and the longest life span of any available bearing unit.


These non-ball bearing units are designed for light to medium loads and slow speeds. Typical installations are push conveyors and gravity conveyors. These are ideal for sanitary, rust and corrosion resistant, maintenance free wet or dry applications. Bearing materials include Ultra (Acetal plastic with Teflon internal lubricants), CS2 (Acetal), UHMW and ABS plastic. Bushing adapters include nylon, stainless steel, carbon steel and Ultra.