Servo Gearboxes

Product Type: Gear Drives, Gearboxes

SRP Universal Axis Drive

SRP is not one more simple planetary gearbox but a true integrated concept, including several functions combined together to offer a complete sub-assembly to the most demanding machines.


  • A high-tech output oversized tapered bearings assembly
  • A high-tech planetary gear train, based on well know REDEX’s differential know-how
  • A ready-to-use universal range of motor interface (flange and shaft adapter
  • A high quality bevel gear box (option)

SRP is the ultimate high-tech servo-reducer, especially dedicated to technical offices looking at the same time for:

  • Superior torsional stiffness
  • Ultra high radial stiffness and Tilting moment
  • High input speed
  • Superior acceleration and rated output torque
  • SRP versatile design allows technical offices to always find the exact solution, according to its very large range of sizes and additional options
  • 5 different sizes
  • 8 different ratios
  • Two level of accuracy (1’ or 3’ backlash) with right angle motor mounting versions available on each size
  • Package solution rack + pinion + reducer, available for each sizes, with two different standard output gears for each size

SRP Customised Pinion Drive

According to its Servo-gearbox true versatile design, SRP can be easily used as a Tailor-made Racks & Pinions Drive.

Natural features from this product range offer as a standard the ever useful Rack versus Pinion arrangement:

  • Large pinions allow high linear speed when requested by very high dynamic applications (such as laser cutting machines, pick & place robots, etc.)
  • Smaller pinion offer a higher compound stiffness when the drive system gets heavier mass to move (machine-tools)

In addition, the modular arrangement between the servo-gearbox and the additional pinion allows the designers to keep the optimized teeth module according to their specific applications.

SRP Preloaded Split Pinion

SRP Preloaded Split Pinion

SRP Preloaded Split Pinion

High-tech servo-reducer combined with a preloaded split pinion output (PDP) PDP is the first range of “Preloaded Double Pinion” for high-precision rack and pinions applications.

PDP is made of 2 ground WMH pinions connected through a patented preload system to reduce dramatically rack and pinion mesh backlash. This innovative concept allows high positioning accuracy and repeatability with a very competitive budget.

For many applications, there is no longer need of two coupled planetary reducers. Mounted at the output flange of SRP, Redex Andantex’ high-tech planetary gearhead, the PDP is set apart by its performance level, such as: superior precision and repeatability, superior torsional rigidity, extremely high radial rigidity and tilting moment levels, high input speed and maximum acceleration and rated torque.

Through its universal design, PDP enables design engineering departments to always find exactly the right solution to their high-technology requirements, thanks to its very wide range and several available options when mounted on SRP.


The input interface offers in-line or right-angle flange versions as standard. PDP is a competitive alternative to ball screws with superior performances.

It is the ideal solution for demanding applications: woodworking machines, CNC routers, high-precision assembly machines and machine-tools