Schlumpf Roll Handlers

Schlumpf design and manufacture standard and customised equipment for roll handling. Schlumpf offer a wide variety of roll handling equipment, including hoist based, lift and turn, vertical and horizontal lifters.

Norman G Clark are proud to distribute such as high quality materials handling solution which is a real investment for safe & efficient factory processes. Contact our experience technical team for an application assessment.

Hoist Based Roll Handling

Schlumpf Roll Lift & Turn Handling – MRT Series

Lift and turn a roll of material with the greatest of ease.

They are designed for manual or powered turning of rolls between horizontal and vertical.

  • Effortless, easy to use turning
  • Lift and rotate rolls and reels between horizontal and vertical by the core
  • Unload rolls and reels onto machine spindles or carts
  • Loading or unloading pallets
  • Universal mandrel holder for easy change between core sizes
  • Safe auto levelling feature
Lift & Turn Handling
ModelBest UseLoad Capacity
MRT-150Lifting of rolled material with low capacity68 kg
MRT-330Flexible rolled material sizes and for easily changing attachments150 kg
MRT-500Larger roll handling applications227 kg

Schlumpf Horizontal Roll Lift – HRL Series

Schlumpf’s Horizontal Roll Lifters are used to transport rolls in a horizontal position.

The unit is supported by a hoist and allows operators to load or unload the rolls onto a machine spindle and to and from a roll cart or table.

  • Below-the-hook lifting devices attach to standard hoist hooks
  • Lift roll by the core or by supporting the outside diameter
  • Manual, powered and automatic load leveling systems available
  • Multiple tooling options available, including cradle and probe
  • Pneumatic gripper retract and hoist integration available
Horizontal Roll Lift
ModelBest UseLoad Capacity
 HRL-330Load onto spindles with probe or cradle tooling150 kg
HRL-500Load onto spindles with probe or cradle tooling227 kg
HRL-1000Larger rolls, custom applications.454kg

Schlumpf Vertical Roll Lift – VRL Series

Lift and transport rolls by their core in a vertical position.

A hoist is used to maneuver the rolls from a pallet, work table or to a cart.

  • Below-the-hook lifting devices attach to standard hoist hooks
  • Safely lifts rolls by the core
  • Fail safe gripper design holds roll securely
  • Quickly and easily change between mandrels
Vertical Roll Lift – VRF
ModelBest UseLoad Capacity
VRL-1000Low Cost Lifting of rolls with 3″ and 6″ cores. Vertical only.453 kg
VRL-500-TALifting and Turning of rolls, for a variety of core sizes – Tilt Assisted.226 kg
VRL-1000-TAGreater capacity Lifting and Turning of rolls, for a variety of core sizes. – Tilt Assisted.453 kg
VRL-2200Heavy roll weights, vertical only, for a variety of core sizes.997 kg
VRL-4400Lifting a heavy roll by its core.2,000 kg

Portable Roll Handling

Schlumpf Light Duty Roll Handlers

Light Duty Roll Handlers grasp the rolls inside the core without contacting the valuable material.

This reduces the risk of both material damage and operator injury, saving your company money and valuable resources.

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Customizable height
  • Compact Euro or adjustable straddle base
  • Powered raise and lower
  • Ergonomic and efficient
  • Several manual tooling options available: flat platform, roll cradle, probe, roll turner, and swivel top
Light Duty Roll Handlers
ModelBest UseCapacity
ERH-200Low capacity lifting and turning rolls by core, flat platform lifting and turning, probe lifting90 kg
ERH-400Lifting and turning rolls by core, probe lifting, OD clamping and turning181 kg*

*Actual capacity depends on roll width and roll weight combined

Schlumpf Heavy Duty Roll Handlers

Powered Roll Handling Trucks are used to lift, transport load and unload rolls and products.

Tooling options, both custom and standard, offer users a variety of productivity enhancing benefits.

  • Adjustable Straddle, Euro style or counter-balanced bases
  • Custom tooling options
  • Ergonomic design
Heavy Duty Roll Handlers

Schlumpf V-Cradle Roll Handlers

Our powered lift trucks with cradle tooling make moving large rolls easy.

With powered drive and lift mechanisms they can achieve a multitude of jobs.

  • 2 speed operation
  • Custom configurations available
  • Able to load unwind/rewind shafts
  • Hydraulic lip to mate with pallet
  • Contoured forks available
  • Custom capacities available
V-Cradle Roll Handlers

Schlumpf Roll Handlers Literature

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Shaft Handling

Schlumpf Shaft Handling makes lifting, inserting, extracting and transporting heavy shafts, reel spools and tissue core plugs safe and easy.

Roll Handlers

Schlumpf offer a wide variety of roll handling equipment, including hoist based, lift and turn, vertical and horizontal lifters.