Zap Off Anti-Static

Product Type: Anti-Static Cable
Zap Off Anti-Static

Zap-Off is an economical and guaranteed solution to remove static from processing machinery. The simple design and mounting allow for multiple installations to wick out static in the various stages of production. As long as the Zap-Off elastic cord is earthed with the machine the static simply dissipates.

It Just Works!

Zap Off has had extensive success across a myriad of industries, especially with processing machinery applications and wide format printing. In many applications our clients have already installed costly static removal systems which have not performed as effectively as Zap Off. The Zap Off Elastic Static Cord can stretch to 50% of its original length and installed up to 20mm above or below the web using the Zap-Off Mounting Magnets.


  • Increase operator safety and reduce discomfort.
  • Increase line speeds which have been reduced to avoid static.
  • Remove potential sparking hazards which can also damage electrical equipment.
  • Be mounted in multiple positions to optimise static removal.