Centenary Bulletin 14 – Timber Industry Spin-Offs

November 14, 2018

As a consequence of Timberjack, Grand Ridge Timbers, FCE and Repfin, many other ancillary products for the timber industry also became available to Norman G Clark.

Sabre Saw Chain

Sabre Saw Chain, a Canadian company based in Burlington, Ontario, were challenging the saw chain market leader Oregon with a very competitive product.

Sabre Norman G Clark

Saw chain, sprockets, guide bars, files and wedges are all large selling items to the timber industry.  Also, it is a consumer product sold to the hobby farm and domestic market.

Sales were good while Timberjack and FCE were active, but were as easily saleable without their presence in the forest industry.

Sabre saw chain

Chainsaw Guide Bars

Griffiths and Beerens were a Melbourne based chain saw guide bar manufacturer who made world class bars.  They offered an excellent complimentary product to Sabre Saw Chain.


Jonsered was a Swedish chain saw maker, again with a complimentary product of very high quality. The chain saw market was very crowded but dominated by Stihl.  It was very hard to make significant inroads and build market share.

Truck Mounted Loaders

Jonsereds did, however, make an excellent knuckle-boom loader.  It was strong enough to withstand the sideways loads imposed by unbalanced loads, and was much preferred to the cheaper market leader Hiab. Jonsered loaders were sold through FCE, and fitted to various types of timber harvesting machinery.

Jonsered Grapple Loader Mounted On A Mack Truck

Jonsered Grapple Loader Mounted On A Mack Truck

Ferrules And Wedges

Ianco Ferrules and Wedges were natural fit from the Timberjack days. Sourced from Vancouver, they were used to terminate the end of the wire rope on the Hercules winch, used for snigging logs.

Rotary Screw Compressor

Sullair Sullair

FCE were the local distributor for Sullair in the early 1970’s, for their three-state territory. Sullair, from Indiana, was a major manufacturer of portable and stationary rotary screw air compressors, designed for commercial and industrial use. The product was marginally compatible with the FCE markets, and some good sales were made into construction areas.