Horton Expands Fan Drive Line

November 5, 2016

Horton Expands Fan Drive Line

Horton has announced two new products designed to provide enhanced engine cooling in off-highway applications. The new Horton Thermoset Engineered Composite (HTEC) 1800 fan follows closely behind the HTEC 2500, which was launched last year (see October Diesel Progress). The HTEC fans incorporate a patent-pending thermoset structural material engineered to deliver increased efficiency, a higher temperature and speed rating, enhanced durability, corrosion resistance, reduced fuel consumption, significant noise reduction and compatibility with Horton Modulator fan drives for variable-speed control.

The HTEC 1800 fan has been engineered for off-highway applications such as large mining trucks, remote radiator packages, generator sets and fracking units. The HTEC 1800 fan is available in diameters of 47 to 72 in., weighs 30 lb. and up, and has a maximum tip speed of 22,000 fpm.

The RCV1000 variable fan drive is a downsized version of the RCV2000 unit also launched last year. It is designed to work with the HTEC 1800 fan and targets larger diesel engine applications such as mining trucks and generator sets.

More information will be included in an upcoming issue of Diesel Progress.

Originally posted on Diesel Progress November 3, 2016