Horton RCV Fan Drives & HTEC Moulded Fans

October 13, 2021

Horton, a leading provider of airflow and cooling solutions, is proud to introduce fully modulating RCV fan drives and innovative HTEC fans for heavy duty and off road applications.

Horton RCV fan drives, as well as metal and composite fans, provide robust & reliable coolings solutions in the harshest Australian conditions. HTEC Fans are proudly assembled, balanced & tested in Australia by Norman G Clark.

The RCV 2000 variable speed clutch & Australian assembled HTEC moulded fan provide numerous benefits, including variable speed technology, greater fuel savings, lower fan noise, clutch torque capacity up to 2000nM and high durability in caustic environments With low off speed and smooth fan engagements you’ll benefit from optimal cooling in all operating environments. This can help with faster engine warm up & improved cab temperatures in cold environments as well as efficient temperature control in warm ambient conditions.

The RCV 2000 provides long life with minimal periodic maintenance aligned with equipment maintenance schedule requirements, this means more up-time for you construction, power generation or mining applications.

Because they’re engineered by and built by Horton & Norman G Clark, you can rest assured you have a reliable, efficient & innovative cooling solution for today and tomorrow. Feel free to contact us today. Our engineers can assess your challenges and help you achieve increased cooling and reduced noise for your Off Highway applications.