Introducing the New ZSE Brake Family from Nexen

March 21, 2018

Continually testing and improving products as well as developing new technology, Nexen’s contribution to the industry is now illustrated in the ZSE Zero-Backlash Through-Shaft Brake.

With countless bore sizes available, Nexen offers an off-the-shelf, zero-backlash braking solution for shaft holding applications. These spring-engaged, air released brakes eliminate the performance problems associated with electrical brakes for consistent, long lasting performance.

Industry 4.0 Solution

Nexen Smart ZSE Brakes (ZSES) are available with Industry 4.0 compatible smart internal sensors. These sensors provide data to maximize machine efficiency and safety. Disengagement Verification. Internal Temperature Sensor

True Zero Backlash

Nexen ZSE Brakes are capable of zero-backlash holding up to 100% of rated torque. Some competitors “zero-backlash” brakes use a hub/rotor with a flexible “leaf or diaphragm spring” to transfer torque. As a result, some competitors brakes only achieve zero-backlash when utilizing as low as 10% of their full rated torque.