How To Install A Deublin Coolant Union

August 17, 2020

In this video we go over the steps involved in installing a Deublin Coolant Union including a few helpful dos and don’ts.

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How heavy-duty engine cooling systems work

June 3, 2020

A fan is often a large piece of machinery’s post recognisable engine component. The clutch that turns it? Not so much. But in conjunction with other hardware, fan-drive combinations that provide the optimal amount of airflow inside the engine compartment can have big impacts on performance, driver comfort and emissions. And, of course, they also […]

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COVID-19 Update

March 25, 2020

Like you all, we are acutely aware of risks and restrictions arising from the COVID-19 outbreak, and are conscious of the need to ensure the safety of our employees, customers, suppliers and the general public. To this end we are endeavouring to follow guidelines provided by state and federal governments, such as increased hygiene practices […]

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Nexen Products

Centenary Bulletin 23 – Norman G Clark Brands

March 13, 2019

Horton Norman G Clark manufacture Horton fan clutches, fans and fan clutch repair kits under licence in Australia. With 60 years of industry experience, commitment to service, reliability, innovation and the environment, Horton is a premium provider of engine cooling solutions worldwide. Nexen Nexen Group Inc., is a leading manufacturer of brakes, clutches, torque limiters, […]

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Flight Systems Engine Saver Model 550

Centenary Bulletin 22 – Flight Systems, Pennsylvania

February 20, 2019

In 1982, Norman G Clark had a call from Cummins Diesel Australia. Cummins had been approached by an associate company in the USA who had developed an engine protection device that had saved Cummins millions of dollars in warranty claims in South Africa, where there were a large number of the relatively new “K” series […]

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Centenary Bulletin 21 – Web Control Guiding Systems Bulletin No 21

For years Norman G Clark were deeply involved in the processing of open width fabric and film. Apart from our own manufactured products for tensioning and crease prevention, we had a variety of distributor arrangements with overseas companies who built special equipment for such operations. The first of these was Erhardt + Leimer of Augsburg, […]

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Centenary Bulletin 20 – Coopers Filters Abergavenny, UK

February 13, 2019

Just before Forest and Construction Equipment was formed, Norman G Clark became the Australian agent for Coopers Filters, and on the formation of FCE used this company as the vehicle for all the selling and promotion of the Cooper product. Cooper Filters, of Abergavenny in Wales, was the largest manufacturer of air filters in the […]

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Centenary Bulletin 19 – Horton Fan Clutches

As Textiles, Carbon Black and Off-Road machinery had been the back-bone of Norman G Clark in its first 50 years – Horton and its air operated clutches and brakes were the basis of our success in the second half of the century. John Clark had formed the relationship with Hugh Schilling, of Horton, in Minneapolis […]

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Centenary Bulletin 18 – Machine Shop

During the 1970’s, the company moved away from labour intensive fabrication to concentrate on machining. The serious fire in Brunswick on 6th June 1979 was a watershed. It gave us the chance to get the surviving machinery and equipment back into operation in a more suitable location, and do some serious thinking on how we […]

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Centenary Bulletin 17 – The Fire, 6th June 1979 & Aftermath

At 10.00 am on Wednesday 6th June 1979, sixty years after Norman G Clark founded his business, a fire broke out in its two-story premises at 278 Barkly Street, Brunswick. The fire started in an electrical exhaust fan located in a spray paint booth, and the resulting sparks quickly ignited cleaning solvent stored nearby. It […]

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Centenary Bulletin 16 – A W Chesterton International, USA

In 1993 to expand sales levels after a recession we entered into a distribution arrangement with A W Chesterton International, USA, to sell their composite protective coatings in southern Australia. Chesterton was already known to us as a supplier of industrial mechanical seals, and there was a certain synergy with the successful Deublin rotary seals […]

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General Mills – Minnesota, USA

Centenary Bulletin 15 – General Mills – Minnesota, USA

General Mills were a large US flour miller who in the 1980’s had evolved into a major consumer food manufacturer and supplier. Tic Clark had an old friend, John Swildens, who was a senior manager with General Mills industrial division and they were looking for opportunities to sell their guar and locust bean gums to […]

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Case Study: Clutch Achieves 950,000km Service Free

November 28, 2018

Aim of Trial The aim of the trial was to test the Horton RCV250 Dual Speed viscous fan clutch and fan, and determine the benefits that the fully enclosed the RCV250 Dual Speed fan clutch offers, i.e. less engagements due to dualspeed operation, no wear items and/or maintenance, longer belt life due to smoother viscous […]

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Centenary Bulletin 14 – Timber Industry Spin-Offs

November 14, 2018

As a consequence of Timberjack, Grand Ridge Timbers, FCE and Repfin, many other ancillary products for the timber industry also became available to Norman G Clark. Sabre Saw Chain Sabre Saw Chain, a Canadian company based in Burlington, Ontario, were challenging the saw chain market leader Oregon with a very competitive product. Saw chain, sprockets, […]

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A Typical Repfin Repossession

Centenary Bulletin 13 – Repfin Finance

Forest and Construction Equipment had a problem, common to all vehicle and machinery sellers who sell equipment and accept a trade-in as part of the transaction. The profit for a seller, who is often operating on low margins, is in the trade-in. This traded piece of equipment needs to be valued at market price, and […]

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Centenary Bulletin 12 – FW Scragg & Sons – Macclesfield, Lancs, UK

November 7, 2018

Scragg’s had been making machines to process silk thread since somebody first identified the silk worm. Their machinery was the best in the world, and was produced in the town of Macclesfield. This was the centre of the world as far as silk fibre processing and knitting and weaving was concerned. After World War II, […]

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Grand Ridge Timbers

Centenary Bulletin 11 – Grand Ridge Timbers Pty Ltd – Boolarra, Victoria

October 19, 2018

The introduction of Timberjack machines in hardwood forest areas was proving very effective, and Norman G Clark was concentrating in a lot of sales effort in the Bairnsdale area. Jack Irish was one of APM’s contractors, and a dedicated Timberjack owner. Jack had previously operated only in softwoods, and while some attempts had been made […]

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Clark LIMA crane at FCE FIME exhibition

Centenary Bulletin 10 – Forest & Construction Equipment Pty Ltd

October 18, 2018

Once the Timberjack relationship ended, Norman G Clark became an obvious outlet for machinery suppliers looking for Australian distribution. Towards the end of 1972, we were approached by Col Cagnacci of CIMSA representing Clark Equipment of Benton Harbour, Michigan, asking if we would be interested in taking on a Clark Michigan franchise for Victoria and […]

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Piper Aztec at Ayers Rock

Centenary Bulletin 9 – Airchart Flying Services

October 14, 2018

AFS was a direct spinoff of the OMET Simpson Desert operation. A very large profit had been generated during our year in the Simpson, and the OMET tax bill was going to be severe. The company’s Accountants suggestion that we should purchase a general aviation aircraft, had been considered for some time, as an attractive […]

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Timberjack Skidder/Loader Outside Barkly Street Brunswick Office

Centenary Bulletin 8 – The Timberjack Story

October 12, 2018

When it comes to logging procedures, Australia and North America could not be more dissimilar. They did find, however, common ground in Timberjack machines, which also emphasised the substantial differences in technique between the two countries. One example is, where the North Americans extract logs downhill to a haul road in a valley where they […]

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